Friday, November 13, 2015

Gifts for any occassion

I was trying to think of what little inexpensive gift I could do for my thesis committee as a thank you. I could purchase something inexpensive, but it feels impersonal in a way. So I decided to make something that was still personal. I decided on a homemade personal care set. I had found some 2 oz bottles in the house and well they were just sitting there.

Bulk Apothecary sent a message Halloween weekend - 16% off the entire store. So I ordered Shampoo, Conditioner,  Shower Gel and Hand Lotion base, and Lavender essential oil. 16 oz of the bases and 2 oz of the lavender. that's 8 gifts for $33 (that's with shipping) or $4 and change.

There are sites all over the web that will show you how to make these things without buying the bases but time is an issue for me. I need something I can do quickly. So I went with them besides at $3.95 for 16 oz? I'm not going to worry too much.

That got me to thinking of other cheap gifts a person could make here are a few.

Sharpie Mugs - get the mugs at the dollar store write or draw on them with Sharpie Markers and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. They can be double baked - just remember to include a hand wash only card with them. Fill them with goodies.

Sign up for Pinch Me - It's a great way to get samples! Save the samples and your toilet rolls and/or paper towel rolls. Get some tissue paper if you are doing it for Christmas find red or green. Stuff your free samples into the roll and wrap them in tissue paper using ribbon to tie the ends. Basically a free gift to give.

Chalkboard Clipboards - requires clipboards (Office Max has 3 for $4.99) and Black Board Paint (8 oz at Home Depot for $2.94. Great for putting in the kitchen to jot down things to pick up or appointments.

Recipe cards. Go to the dollar store and pick up mixing spoons and measuring scoops and index cards. Type your favorite recipes into the computer and print them. If you have a laminator you can laminate them or use clear contact paper. Punch a hole and attach them to the spoons and measuring scoops with a silver ring.

These should be enough to get you started. Share any gifts that you make in the comments.

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