Monday, November 2, 2015

Being True to yourself


Everyone says to be happy you have to be true to yourself. You really do need to do that and from my journey on that rode, I've noticed that I AM happier. But how do you start that journey?

I credit Caitlin Jenner (Not a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan, so that had nothing to do with it). It was her comment that she was finally being true to herself. That comment got me thinking, was I being the real me? Or was I letting everyone else determine what that truth was? So I asked myself one question...

Am I happy with myself?

Not the life I was living, or where I was in my life - but with myself. I'd thought I was but the more I was honest with myself, I realized I wasn't. I was happy when it was just me and my husband I was happier with me, but still not completely. I finally realized it was because I wasn't doing things because so and so wouldn't approve. I was too old. Or some other stupid reason I wouldn't let myself do or be what or who I wanted.

It wasn't easy to decide what steps to take. Truthfully, I'm still figuring it out and I hope to be figuring it out for the rest of my life. My true first step, I didn't realize that it was the first step. It was going back to college and getting a degree. I'm about to graduate with a double degree! 

The second step came after the Caitlin Jenner comment. I'd seen the "Rainbow/ Crayola" hair colors and I wanted to do my hair - in green. But I'd always told myself "You're 52. That's too old to do that." Then I made the "Be True To Myself" project had started. So that was something I wanted to do and I DID IT! I love my green hair. I feel younger. I've gotten more compliments on my hair even when I feel like crap. When I got out of that chair, I knew I was being true to myself.

Other things have appeared on the list as time passes but that's okay. Each one I've made came from deep within myself. It has taken time to make. I had to break out of the habit of thinking someone wouldn't approve or I was too old or I can't. 

Now it's your turn. Comment and tell me something you want to do but told yourself you couldn't because of someone else or your age. 

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